Spandex Cap for Dreadlocks

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size: 4.00 W × 6.00 H × 2.00 L
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Large Spandex Cap for Dreadlocks

This King.J unisex spandex cap treats your hair while you sleep, nourishes, repairs and strengthens breaking, damaged or dry hair when used with growth, conditioning, protective or scalp oils.

  • Breathable lightweight material that allows your long dreadlocks or braids to fall back naturally
  • Prevents bacterial and scalp infections.
  • Does not dehydrate your hair or absorb your protective, conditioning or scalp treatment oils
  • One size fits all thick or long locks with a comfortable band
  • This super long size covers bigger locks, protects hair from tension breakage or weakening of locks due to their weight
  • Preserves your natty and stays in place during work, sleep, running or any high impact activity

We suggest you cover your pillowcase with a towel if you use any protective or scalp oils at night to avoid soiling or possible  bleed from the new spandex cap OR rinse before your first use.



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