Fountain Pimento Oil 3.5 Oz 3-Pack for Fast Acting Pain Relief

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Fountain Pimento Oil 3.5 Oz 3-Pack for Fast Acting Pain Relief

Pimento Oil is a powerful, organic, plant derived herbal pain remedy oil that is traditional to Jamaica. Pimento oils beneficial ingredient is eugenol, a natural analgesic that effectively numbs pain within minutes.

A safe alternative for people who don't want to use prescription and non prescription over the counter pain medications

Especially useful for those who play contact sports, workout at the gym, jog or run frequently and need a stretching, pre or post workout lubricating or muscle relaxing or soothing oil

Ingredients include Jamaican Pimento (allspice) eucalyptus, Jamaican black castor oil and fever grass (lemongrass) all of which produce a warming effect to drive away your pain quickly


  • Effective for pain associated with a wide range of ailments and joint discomforts or use as a pre or post gym workout oil
  • Soothe post operative pain or swelling, relieve sports trauma and minor running or jogging impact injuries
  • Relieve joint, neck, back, shoulders, knees, wrist (carpal tunnel syndrome) swollen hands, fingers, feet, calves and ankles
  • Relieves nerve damage pain muscle cramps spasms poor circulation flatulence and menstrual cramps
  • Safe for the whole family and all skin types
  • Ingredients cultivated organically in Jamaica and bottled in Brooklyn


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