Fountain MIGHTY ROOTS Hairline Restoration Jumbo Combo 8-Pack

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Brand: Fountain
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Fountain MIGHTY ROOTS Hairline Restoration Jumbo Combo 8-Pack

Organic Hair Retention Shampoo Conditioner and Jamaican Pimento Scalp Treatment includes shampoo, conditioner, Fountain Mighty Roots 4 oz, shampoo brush, self heating conditioning cap, satin cap and claw comb

Hair loss is a sensitive subject for so many people, who for one reason or another is losing their hair and their confidence
Regular use with the Fountain Mighty Roots combo will keep more hair on your head and less down the sink 
Save your damaged, thinning or dry hair with Fountain Mighty Roots Hair Retention Shampoo that is organic, vegan safe, paraben, sulphate & preservative free low lather that cleanses, detoxifies, deeply moisturizes and strengthens your hair in unison
Use the shampoo brush to massage your scalp and gently lift toxins, hair product build up and dead skin cells
Fountain Moisture Stuffed Conditioner bursting with organic honey, hemp oil and vanilla pods to lock in moisture and prevent further hair breakage. Cover with the self heating conditioner cap for 1 hour for an intensive treatment
Fountain Mighty Roots is the revolutionary nourishing hair root and scalp oil that rapidly grows back your edges, receding hair lines and fills bald patches
Pimento oil strengthens the roots and Jamaican Black Castor Oil thickens and reinforces the new growth
Do not use if allergic to gluten, nuts or wheat
Just shake well, thoroughly massage into your scalp minimum 3 times per week, The tingling you will feel means blood flow and oxygenation as your crown receives the nourishment and stimulation it has been lacking
Finally, cover your hair with your satin bonnet or silk scarf at night for a noticeably softer and visible hair growth within days
Good for all hair types 



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